Circuit Schedules

Circuit Schedules

The 2014 season has started!  Start sending in your events to your Circuit Director so that we can get them posted.

Email your Circuit Director to have a rodeo/event added to the schedule.

Scheduling an event is easy, here are the requirements:
  1. Find an event in your area
  2. Submit the request directly to the association secretary using the PAFRA website at or with an emailĀ to your circuit director.  Notification via email must be made a minimum of two weeks prior to the event with the following information:  
Performance Time
Entry Information (Books Date and Time/Secretary Name and Number)

For Example:
04 July 2009
Sterling Annual Rodeo
Sterling Rodeo Grounds, Sterling, OK
Performance at 1900
Books Open 25 June / 1800-2200 / Susan Marine (580)123-4567
PAFRA POC:  Chester Howe  (580)351-7673

There must be an arena secretary that we can contact if needed to verify results.
Schedule all events you think you might attend.  Better to have them scheduled and not go than to wish you had scheduled one.

Note: This does not alleviate you needing to purchase their association card if they require one.  We have co-sanctioning agreements with a lot of associations, but not all of them in the country.  Let us know who you rodeo with, a name and phone number of their secretary and we will call them to see what we can work out.